We all know and love our favorite records, but how did you first find out about them?  Thanks to print ads, displays and other promotional materials, we knew just what to find and where to get it. 

Here's a sample of a few of those items through the years.  Each link is listed by the catalog number for the featured record that is being promoted.

  1357 'Twas The Night Before Christmas

  1369 The Recuers

  3812 Walt Disney Productions' America Sings

  3903 Walt Disney's Stories And Songs From Bambi

  3909 Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland

  AL-701 Music From Walt Disney's Summer Magic

   BV-3324 Annette At Bikini Beach

   BV-3328/Ster-3328 Something Borrowed, Something Blue

  DQ Series; Including DQ-1228 Sleeping Beauty

  DQ-1291N Necco Wafers Presents Bullwhip Griffin

  DQ-1305 Walt Disney's Blackbeard's Ghost

  DQ-1323 Absent-Minded Professor/The and The Shaggy Dog

  DQ-1333 Walt Disney Presents The Aristocats

   F-481 The Barefoot Executive (He's Gonna Make It)

  ST-1901 Walt Disney's Darby O'Gill

  ST-3093 Walt Disney's Bambi

   STER-3924 101 Dalmatians

   STER-4022 Babe's In Toyland

  STER-5001  Happiest Millionaire

   STER-5003 Bedknobs And Broomsticks

   WDX-100 Fantasia

   WY-437; #Y-437 and 33 1/3 #LY-1 Alice In Wonderland

   (Unnumbered) Alice In Wonderland Wheaties Records Affiliates:


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