A Musical Souvenir Of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom


Disney Cast
Label:  Disneyland
Catalog #:  W-2/WE-2
Country:  United States
Format:  12" Clear Sleeve Picture Disc LP
Speed:  33 1/3 RPM
Audio:  Stereo
Year:  1973
Matrix #:  WD-3 A / WD-3 B

Record Comments:  This picture disc record was limited to only 5,000 copies. The record includes music as heard in the park during the early 1970s The back insert shows 33 1/3 STEREO W-2 in the top right corner, but the text on the picture disc and matrix number shows the catalog number as WE-2. The front insert has no additional text or artwork underneath the record.

Subject Notes:  The Magic Kingdom theme park is part of Walt Disney World in Florida and is the companion park to Disneyland in California. Magic Kingdom opened on October 1, 1971.

   Record Contents: 


1. Walt Disney Medley -- The Walt Disney World Band 1:51
2. The Coney Island Washboard -- The Dapper Dans 1:58
3. Medley -- The Saxophone Quartet 1:29
4. Maple Leaf Rag -- The Main Street Pianist 1:32
5. Mary Poppins Medley -- The Pearly Band 2:10
6. The Banjo Kings 1:58
7. Medley -- The Fife And Drum Corps 1:52
8. I Love A Parade -- The Kids Of The Kingdom 2:50
9. Mickey Mouse March -- The Town Band 3:21
10. Medley -- The Tavern Singers 1:50
11. Snow White Medley -- The Polka Band 1:15
12. Tennessee -- The Blue Grass Boys 2:25
13. Guadalajara -- Mariachi Chaparral 2:50
14. PP 99 -- The Steel Drum Band 2:34
15. It's A Small World -- The Walt Disney World Band 1:27


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Record Artwork
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